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If you have your branded products manufactured in China, you may wish to register your trademark in China even if you don’t sell it there.

When a branded product is reviewed by Chinese Customs for export from China, the Customs officials will check to see if the brand is a registered mark in China. If the brand is a registered mark, Customs may require an “authorization letter” from the owner of the Chinese trademark registration.

Chinese trademark squatters will seek out a U.S. branded product that is exported from China and fraudulently obtain a Chinese trademark registration for the brand.

When the U.S. brand owner tries to export their product from China, Customs may halt the export and demand an authorization letter. The squatter will offer to give the brand owner the letter, for a price

We recommend to all our clients who have branded goods manufactured in China that they obtain a Chinese trademark registration for their brands, so that squatters cannot extort them at Customs.

Through our associate partners at Henlv IP, Beijing, our firm offers the full range of intellectual property services, including trademark registration. If you currently or plan to have goods manufactured in China, contact us for a free consultation.


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